International Preschool Curriculum For Children

An international preschool is a pre-school that teaches internationalism and respects a curriculum not centered on a particular country but globally. Many international preschools cater mostly to national not necessarily native to this host country including those run by international agencies like those of the UN, Red Cross, Catholic Relief Services, etc. Some other international preschools are created just for the US or Canada and may not cater to the local culture of the countries involved.

Garden International School_Maths Faculty | Garden International School  Malaysia

What exactly is an international preschool? The most popular international preschools are those created with a United Nations Educational, Cultural and Social Service program or an agency of the United States Department of State. A well-known example of an international preschool is International Creative Landscape, which was created by ACT for the United States Department of Education. The curriculum of the international preschools varies from one organization to another. In some cases, international preschools follow a national curriculum based on the government of the host country, while some teach a curriculum tailored for the child’s country.

The international preschool curriculum may include art and music or physical education and science and mineralogy. The subjects included in the curriculum may include mathematics, reading, writing, science, English and foreign languages. The preschool also introduces physical education, which may include fitness, health, and hygiene. Other courses like agriculture, ecology, childcare, food safety, history, geography, science, technology, photography, art and music may be offered. Curriculum may also focus on a specific theme like animals, beauty, global health, globalization, human development, nature, religion and spiritual activities.

If you want to send your child to an international preschool, there are certain things you need to check on. First, check with the nursery or the school where your child will be sent. Some countries do not allow international public preschools and the local educational authorities can provide you information about this. Secondly, you need to check with the French and German prosecutors’ offices if the International School is operating legally. The prosecutor’s office can provide you with information on schools in France and Germany that are authorized to operate as early childhood education centers.

The International School will provide you with the necessary teacher training for teaching in their country. Most International Schools have a strong tradition of quality teaching and teacher training. If you are choosing an International preschool curriculum for your child, make sure it has a good reputation. Check with the French and German prosecutors’ offices or the local schools in your home country to confirm that the International School you are sending your child to follows international standards. Ask the nursery or the teacher training institution if the International School you are choosing adheres to French or German principles for selecting qualified teachers and teaches children according to a program established by the ministry of education in your home country.

Be prepared to spend a considerable sum of money for sending your children to an international preschools program. Prices vary considerably between different centers and you should expect to pay up to $1300 for each child. Not all International preschools accept US children; some only accept European children and some have very strict requirements for enrollment. The number of children enrolled in each class may also affect the price. Before sending your children to an international preschools program, consider their educational needs and the level of quality offered by the school.

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